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36 Black-Owned Subscription Boxes That Make Great Gifts

Subscription boxes are packages full of curated products that are shipped to your door, often monthly or quarterly.  These boxes allow you to discover new brands and offer you a variety of products for a price that is lower than if you purchased all the items individually.  There are subscription boxes for everything! You might have heard of FabFitFun, a quarterly subscription box that sends you $200 worth of lifestyle and self-care products for just $50.

There are a variety of kinds of subscription boxes from lipbalm to coffee to crystals, and many allow you to gift a box for a one-time purchase so you don’t have to subscribe (almost all boxes on allow you to gift a single box).  They make great gifts for your friends and family, but also for yourself when you just need to treat yourself.

Here are 36 Black-owned subscription boxes, sorted by category and ordered by price low to high.

This list was compiled from My Subscription Addiction, Travel Noire, Baller Alert, Popsugar, HueReviews, and Cratejoy

BOOK BOXES ——————————————————————

Books & Music Box – $17.99 monthly
Sign up for our specially curated monthly young adult fiction or quarterly adult fiction box and fall in love with amazing new authors, stories, and characters.
Boxes include:
-A gift-wrapped copy of a newly released novel. We feature novels that display strong female leads, diverse characters, and strong social themes!
-A fully immersive playlist, specially curated to fit the mood of our featured title. Search song titles on your own or use the provided QR code for direct access to each title’s Spotify playlist. Members can also request to follow us on Apple Music to have access to all our playlists in one place!
-Our “Like This? Read This…” list of recommended reads!
-Autographed editions, letters or signed bookplates will be included where available.

BlackLIT – $25 monthly
Curated by an educator who loves her community, BlackLIT is on a mission to increase representation & close the literacy gap. Our BlackLIT Box includes: 1 brand-new book by an author of color, 3-5 high quality products from black-owned businesses, and a minimum of 5 discussion questions so you can engage in thoughtful dialogue.  You can choose your genre of book and every box has a retail value of $100+.  Please order by May 5th to get the current BlackLITBox. We even ship international! For existing customers, we ship on the 7th of every month.

Universe Bound Monthly Book Box – $26.70 monthly
The Universe Bound Monthly Book Box Subscription is a curated box of two books (classic, new, and re-releases – all books are new prints and never used or pre-owned from many different indie/small presses, and authors), candles, delicious loose-leaf tea, mouth-watering coffee bean and candy, our trademarked reactive bath powder and soaps, plus occasional extras delivered to your door.  We also offer a DELUXE and SINGLE book subscriptions.

Call Number – $35 quarterly
Call Number is a quarterly book subscription box highlighting Black literature. Curated by a librarian, this subscription service will help you build your own collection of quality Black literature. Every three months, you’ll receive a box delivered to your door containing a newly released book along with 2-4 items related to themes in the book.  You can choose to receive non-fiction or fiction books.
Complete boxes include 1 newly released book, 2 to 4 book-themed items, and a library packet.  The library packet includes: catalog card, spine label, label protector, and logo sticker.
Book Only Boxes include 1 newly released book and a library packet for $19.

Bibliophilic Excursions Signature Journey Box – $45 monthly
Would you like to take a wondrous, hassle-free vacation each and every month? If so, then the Bibliophilic Excursions Signature Journey Monthly Subscription Box is for you. We include two books set in the destination country-one fiction and one nonfiction. We also include goods made in the destination country to create an all-encompassing reading experience that awakens each of the 5 senses. Examples include: pasta from Italy, hand-woven baskets from Kenya, Parisian jam and crepes, and Japanese Green Tea. This box is our most popular and for the serious adventurers looking for our most amazing monthly experience. 
We also offer a quarterly box of $45, as well as monthly fiction and non-fiction boxes for $35.


BEAUTY & SKINCARE BOXES ——————————————————————

Jersey Shore Cosmetics Balm Box – $8.33 monthly
Jersey Shore Cosmetics is a monthly subscription that specializes in delivering all natural, organic and vegetarian-friendly beauty products.  Each box contains a mix of four (4) of our all natural, organic lip balms and lip conditioners. May include lip & cheek rouge balm, SPF shimmer balm, highlighter balm or mini whole body balm! A $40.00+ Value.
All balms have a $10.00 – $22.00 value each and are all-Natural, Organic, Non-GMO, Gluten-free, Cruelty-free. They are plant-based, premium lip balms scented with all-natural, organic flavors and essential oils made in the USA.

Scent Icon – starting at $9.99 monthly
Scent Icon strives to create a unique luxurious perfume experience that not only satisfies but educates about the beauty and pleasure of fragrance, hoping that every client will fall in love with the beauty of the melodic scents as we have.
The subscription comes in 3 tiers:
-Basic: one fragrance per month for $9.99
-Premium: two fragrances per month for $12.99
-Supreme: three fragrances per month for $17.99

Curly Queen Kit – $22.50 monthly
Curly Queen Kit is a monthly subscription box fill with natural, handcrafted, hair products and accessories. Get a gift right to your doorstep every month, You’ll never have to make a trip to the beauty store! With 4-6 full-sized hair products, tools and accessories, We include products that are carefully handpicked and are curly girl method approved. Our aim is to help you through your curl hair journey! You’ll be ready to start feeling like the Queen that you ARE. Treat Yourself, Take care of your curls, Be a Queen! We also offer a quarterly box and a kids box.

CurlKit Box – $25 monthly
We’ve all been there … standing in the haircare aisle struggling to choose between dozens of products. Every label promises hydration, shine, bounce, and definition – everything you and your hair wants. But you’ve been down this road before.  Sis, we get it! That’s why we created the CurlKit Box to put an end to your product search frustration. Simply start your subscription and we’ll deliver 4 to 6 of our favorite tried-and-true product samples plus our CurlLife Magazine with recommendations and tips from featured brands – all straight your doorstep.

COCOTIQUE – $25 monthly
COCOTIQUE is a deluxe box subscription service for women of color. Each month COCOTIQUE sends you a specially curated box filled with 5-8 beauty, self-care, wellness and lifestyle products (full size and deluxe travel size). After trying out the products, you can then purchase the full size products in the COCOTIQUE shop. We offer an exciting and fun experience for women of color who love beauty and are in search of an affordable way to try new beauty, self-care, wellness and lifestyle brands. Our service is like a magazine subscription: we ship your subscription box once a month during the second week of the month.

The Nourish Beauty Box – $29.95 monthly
Each month, Nourish Beauty Box delivers 4 full-size natural beauty products right to your doorstep, curated to keep joy, health and delight flowing abundantly in your life.  We believe in product integrity. Beautiful products which are not loaded with toxins and chemical names that you can’t pronounce. No parabens, triclosan, pthalates, GMO or pesticides. Just all natural, organic, wild crafted goodness.

Tribe Beauty Box – $34.99 every 2 months
Discover the untapped world of indie beauty brands through your Tribe Beauty Box, which features indie and female-owned beauty brands.  Every 2 months, you’ll receive novel and unique products, created by the most bad ass and incredible women CEOs! Our goal is to help you discover “The Next Big Thing” in the beauty industry!
IN EVERY BOX YOU’LL RECEIVE 5+ items worth over $125!
– 1 Face Product
– 1 Skin Prep Product
– 1 Eye Product
– 1 Lip Product
– 1 Tool
– 1 Surprise Product

Naturalista Box – $35 monthly
The Naturalista Box is a quarterly subscription box that includes 4-5 full and sample sized all natural, organic, or vegan lifestyle, hair, and/or beauty products.  The Naturalista Box introduces Naturalistas to non-toxic new products and brands. PLUS each Naturalista Box comes with over $75 worth of products and the latest copy of the Naturalista Daily Magazine!

Zuri Essences Box – $37.50 monthly
Zuri Essences is a monthly all natural, organic, vegan and cruelty free beauty subscription box for black women. Each month 5-6 full size and deluxe makeup and skincare products are curated from the very best black artisans. Discover new products or re-familiarize with ones known, this is the perfect box for Queens!

ZaaBox – $40 monthly
ZaaBox is a unique monthly collection of 5 surprise luxury-themed and expertly curated all-natural spa products to awaken the senses, soothe the body and awaken your inner goddess!  Indulge your senses with our high-end specially crafted chocolates, oils, butters, scrubs, conditioners, creams, salves, and soaps. The list goes on just to please and spoil you.

Bombay & Cedar Beauty Box – $49.95 monthly
The Beauty Box by Bombay & Cedar is a new skincare and makeup subscription box featuring vegan and cruelty free full size and deluxe size beauty products.
Every box includes:
-5 to 6 Full And Deluxe Size Products in Every Box
-Retail Value of over $100 every month
-Makeup, Skincare, Beauty Tools & More
-A mix of Indie and well known clean beauty brands


LIFESTYLE BOXES ——————————————————————

Cloth & Paper Penspiration Box – $16.33 monthly
Our Penspiration Box consists of a variety of 4-6 types of pens and pencils shipped to your door each month. Pens & pencils vary from gel, rollerball, ballpoint, brush pens, mechanical, wood, and more. We love to include hard to find and overseas pens that aren’t readily available in the U.S. We have featured brands like: specially designed Cloth & Paper pens, Caran D’Ache, Pilot, Marvy, Pentel, Limited Edition Releases, TomBow, Cocoiro, and the list goes on.
We also offer a Planning + Stationary Box for $30 a month and a Penspiration & Planning +Stationary Box for $40 a month.

Cosmic Crystal Box – $20.95 monthly
The Cosmic Crystal Box is a subscription of hand-selected natural crystals, stones or minerals each month. Each box has a monthly crystal(s) & an information sheet with details on the crystal(s). Can include 1 large crystal or a combination of smaller points, rough stones, clusters, raw specimens, polished stone.

Fortunately Inspired – $34.96 monthly
Fortunately Inspired box is filled with amazing, feel-good products to inspire, comfort, and celebrate being a busy female entrepreneur and professional woman.  Every box includes fun, trendy accessories that spark good vibes. Indulgent, tasty snacks & treats, comforting & recharging self-care essentials, and charming surprises exclusively for you!  We include 5 or more premium and unique products from small-businesses for women go-getters.

Aroma Reveal Box – $38.99 monthly
Nourish your body, mind, and spirit. Enjoy beautiful hand-selected, curated products designed to invoke tranquility, relaxation, and positivity. Boxes are filled with relaxation and aroma-inspired products (contents vary each month).
Boxes include:
-7 to 8 full-size products in each box (we reserve the right to substitute sold out items)
-$80+ retail value in each box
-“Serenity Surprise” – a bonus item!

Home Made Luxe – $39.99 monthly
Home Made Luxe is a monthly craft subscription box! Each monthly craft kit contains all the crafty materials you need to create a gorgeous, Pinterest-worthy home decor project delivered to your doorstep. Pay just 39.99 (shipping is free) to subscribe. This makes the perfect gift for a crafty friend or grab some kits for an epic girls craft night!

Work • Space • Spark – $41.20 monthly
Work • Space • Spark is a monthly career + office decor subscription box for working professional men + women. There’s a new theme each month with 4-5 unique office items, decor, tech, productivity and career tools. Members also receive access to exclusive career videos + online training with experts to help them accelerate their career growth!

CocoBean Subscription – starting at $40 monthly
Select a 3, 4 or 6 month subscription.  Every month we will send you a box with a minimum of 4 quality lifestyle products. Your box will be dispatched on the 5th of every month. Most of the products we provide are hand selected and curated in line with a concept or theme, you will receive full sized items with some deluxe sample sizes.
The 3 month subscription includes the CocoCare Box, the CocoFaith Box, and the Afrobox.  The 4 month subscription adds the TechBean Box.  The 6 month subscription adds the CocoSkin Box and the CocoCurl Box.  You can also purchase each box individually.

The Brown Sugar Box – $44.95 monthly
It’s time to TREAT YOURSELF! Get the Brown Sugar Box and every month you will receive a newly released shirt from our line plus 5-6 ADDITIONAL full-sized products valued at over $90.  Just select your size and add this subscription to your cart. Cancel or skip a month at anytime!

Black Girl Magic – $45 every two months
Introducing a thoughtfully curated selection of 8-10 items by holistic health and wellness coaches in support of black-owned businesses. Discover techniques and products inspired by the lifestyle of essential wellness gurus. Reserve a seat at the table and the assurance that each box was packed with your unique therapeutic experience in mind.

Bombay & Cedar Lifestyle Box – $49.95 monthly
The Lifestyle Box by Bombay & Cedar is an aromatherapy, beauty, wellness & lifestyle subscription box featuring vegan and cruelty free full size and deluxe sample size products including Diffusers, Skincare, Books, Snacks, Home Goods, Activities & More. Available in two sizes (PREMIUM and MINI).
Each box is vegan and cruelty-free and includes:
-8 to 10 Full And Deluxe Size Products in Every Box (MINI includes 5-7 products.)
-Retail Value of over $120 every month (MINI includes value of over $70.)
-New Essential Oils in every box

The Mental Wealth Box – $49.99 monthly
Each box comes with 4-6 carefully curated products that provide knowledge, tools and activities to better understand mental health topics such as anxiety, stress and depression. This box is perfect for those who want to explore mental health and practice natural self-care in new ways each month.

JourneeBox – $54.99 monthly
Subscribe to JourneeBox for a tailored quarterly box full of ethically-made, sustainable luxury goods.  In most JourneeBoxes, customers will have the option to tailor their items to fit their own unique style.  Receive 6+ sustainably-made and fair trade products in every box, a value of $200.

Wicked Flame Candle Subscription + Spa Box – $54.99 monthly
Every month you will receive a curated selection of artisan soy candles and vegan bath, body, and skincare products. Your monthly candle subscription box brings the ooh la of the spa to you with freshly made vegan soap, scrubs, salts, soaks, body butter, masks, serums, oils, accessories, and so much more!
Inside your subscription box:
-At least four premium natural products with occasional bonus treats.
-Soy candles, vegan soap, scrubs, salts, masks, serums, body butter, oils, accessories, and much more!
-New fragrances and themes introduced monthly. You will not receive repeat fragrances in a calendar year.
-Curated Spotify playlist

Ujamaa Box – $60 quarterly
Ujamaa stands for “cooperative economics” and the belief that in order for us to all prosper and profit, we must build and maintain our businesses together. Ujamaa Box brings you a variety of products from across multiple industries; from Fashion, Art, Health, Food, Beauty and more. Each box will feature up to 6 Black-owned businesses.

The Black Box – $74.95 quarterly
The Black Box is a quarterly subscription box providing you a direct path to support Black-owned businesses. Every quarter you’ll discover hand-picked, curated lifestyle, dining, bath, body and home goods products, from 4-6 Black-owned companies chosen to showcase the amazing things happening in Black business, today.

Glory SkincareBox – starting at $79 quarterly
Elevate your daily routine with a Glory SkincareBox, a personalized curation of luxury, cruelty-free, and non-toxic skincare. We will delight your doorstep with a mix of full-size products.
Essentials Box $79: Simple routines focused on skin care essentials. 3+ Products: Cleanser, Exfoliant, and Moisturizer.
Inaugural Box $99: Powerful routines with room for treatments. 5+ Products: Cleanser, Exfoliant, Toner, Moisturizer, and SPF Sunscreen.
Premium Box $149: Our most luxurious curations with treatments. 7+ Products: Cleanser, Exfoliant, Toner, Moisturizer, SPF Sunscreen, Treatment Serum, and Tool (such as a Gua Sha or Rose Quartz Facial Roller).

The POSE Box – $89.95 every 2 months
We cater to the whole woman, inside and out! Get premium activewear, lingerie, & self-care delivered every 2 months!  Choose your sizes and style.
Each box contains 4 to 5 items:
-Activewear: top or sports bra & leggings
-Lingerie: bra & panty set or bodysuit
-A self-care beauty product


FOOD BOXES ——————————————————————

Marshmallow of the Month Club – $9.75 monthly
Our marshmallows are made with all-natural ingredients and colors to infuse flavor and brighten each batch. Our marshmallows are made using fish-based gelatin, perfect for pescatarians! Treat yourself with our egg free and corn syrup free marshmallows.
Each box includes:
-Curated teas, coffee or cocoa based on that month’s marshmallow flavor.
-Half dozen bite-sized marshmallows
-Homemade graham crackers and a chocolate surprise. You can dunk, indulge or make indoor smores.

Culture Cakes Kit – $29.99 monthly
Love to travel but can’t take the flight? Ignite your wanderlust from your own kitchen! Use this kit as a date night, to teach your kids about global culture, or as inspiration in the kitchen!
Each box includes:
-3 to 5 snacks from a new featured country each month!
-recipe to turn cultural, exotic flavors into the common cupcake!
-1 to 3 Exotic ingredients and baking supplies. (These kits DO NOT come with ALL the ingredients for baking)
-booklet of cultural discovery
Not a fan of baking? Try our Mini ‘Snacks Only’ Kit for $19.99 a month.

KETO BLACK – $38 monthly
Our Keto Black snack subscription service delivers an assortment of 8-10 delicious low carb and Keto friendly snacks to your home & office! Every month our team curates a snack box with a variety of tasty cookies, chips, candy, crackers, beef jerky, protein bars, chocolate & nuts. All snacks are 5g NET CARB or less! Products are guaranteed to be fresh and will be clearly marked with the earliest expiration date. We also offer a Work Week box containing 5 snacks for $17.


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